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Feature Toggling

With feature toggling you can easily enable or disable certain features of your products. One common usage of it is as a kill switch: whenever your feature is not working as expected, you can quickly disable it without having to redeploy your application.

Canary Releases

Also known as phased rollout, this technique allows your team to deliver higher quality features with minimum to no risks. You can gradually increment the percentage of users having access to a new feature, drastically mitigating the risk of finding out a bug when it's too late.


Create target groups and combine them to present the right feature to the right audience. Enable features based on custom properties, like location, date, or even the semantic version of the app being used. The possibilities are rather vast, and you can deliver your product's features to really fine grained target groups.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Channel your team's efforts to generate value.

Focus on what really matters

Companies not seldom build their own feature toggling system, a task that is costly and hard to maintain. Leverage the power of your team and focus on what really brings value to your customers/users, and leave the feature management part with us.

Easy to integrate

With Quick Toggle your team doesn't have to spend hours learning how to setup your applications. Our single endpoint API makes it incredibly simple to integrate with. Anyone with an internet connection can start using our tool in no time.

Tech and Product teams sharing the power

With Quick Toggle, the ability to perform some tasks is split between developers and Product Owners/Managers.

Continuous Delivery

Decoupling deployment from releases gives teams a finer control over when a feature can or should be released. Achieve Continuous Delivery with thought through releases.


Quick Toggle gives Product Owners/Managers the ability to play around with their features in a seamless way. Setup your experiments, define your target groups, and maximize your results. And the best part: without having to redeploy your application on every single change.

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